Automatic Vs. Hand Car Wash: which is better?

It doesn’t matter if your car is new or old, but I think you will agree that it’s very nice to get into a clean car. But taking care of him is not as easy as we would like it to be. It accumulates a lot of dirt coming from the street and we don’t always have the time to clean them. If you are the type of person who at the time of choosing is in doubt between automatic car wash or hand car wash, then this post is for you to decide!

First, keep in mind that it’s essential to wash your car very carefully, since washing it improperly could damage the paint and even the engine. Another thing to keep in mind is the type of your car. Whether it’s an older or modern car. We’ll quote below the pros and cons of each of the types of car wash.

Hand Car Wash


  • The detailing and attention to the car is much better. It reaches more places, that in the automatic wash wouldn’t reach, for their cleaning.
  • The owner can request customized services.
  • The price is usually lower.


  • In the hand car wash the time spent is much longer than in the automatic wash. If you don’t have the time to wash or wait for someone to wash it for you this is not a good choice to make.
  • If it is washed in a hurry, it may damage the painting of the car.
  • More water is used in this type of cleaning.

Automatic Wash


  • The wash time of the automatic wash is much faster compared to the hand car wash.
  • Thorough coverage. Since it’s a machine that washes your car, it doesn’t skip any step. It will always do the same washing without forgetting to clean any place in the car.
  • It doesn’t damage the car paint.


  • It can leave water spotting, since the dry may not be totally effective.
  • The automatic car wash machines use less car contact, which although good for the car painting, can occur leaving some dirt trail uncluttered.
  • Tend to be more expensive.

The cleaning and maintenance of your car is essential for it to remain beautiful and in good working order. Think about the best wash for your car type and contact us from Perth Carwash & Detailing if you have any questions!

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